Kansas City Garage Door Company Tips

At Builders Overhead Door, we understand that many families use their garages for many reasons other than simply parking their vehicles.  Children may play in the garage during inclement weather; some garages are used for storage, while other homeowners may use the garage as a workshop for home projects.  Regardless of how or why you use it, our Kansas City residential garage door professionals know that doors can be dangerous, especially for small children.


Here are a few safety and security tips to ensure your family will enjoy your garage and have peace of mind:


ŸNever leave your garage door partially open.  Not only does this affect the security of your home, it can pose a danger to anyone or anything in the door’s path.  Once the door is activated, it could potentially come down on a child, pet, bicycle, or any other object.


ŸNever allow your children to play with the remote controls.  Every year, hundreds of injuries occur when children play with remote controls.  This can be avoided simply by keeping the remote out of children’s hands.


ŸConsider the location of your garage door opener.  To ensure the safety of small children, place the control button at least four to five feet above the ground.


ŸTest the reversing mechanism on a monthly basis.  To ensure your garage door will reverse should it touch something, place a roll of paper towels or board in its path; it should reverse on contact.  If it doesn’t, call our trained professionals immediately.  We will come out to determine the problem and make repairs.


ŸPerform a visual inspection every month.  There are many components of a garage door you can visually inspect yourself.  Take a look at rollers, pulley, springs, and cables for signs that these components may be wearing.  If you do see a problem, never attempt to repair or adjust part yourself.  Most of these parts are under tremendous tension, so it’s best to contact a trained professional to make any adjustments or repairs.


Stay in control of the remote.  Home invasion is a growing problem, and many would-be thieves gain entrance by stealing a remote, or even the vehicle the remote is left in.  Lock the entry to your home, and think about using a keychain remote.  Avoid leaving the remote in your vehicle, or with a parking attendant.


ŸGoing on vacation?  Keep your home safe.  Many thieves gain access to homes through a garage.  While you’re away on vacation, use a vacation lock console security switch or unplug the unit to prevent entrance.


Residential garage doors offer security for your home and vehicles, and add curb appeal to your home; however, they can also be dangerous!  Prevent injuries, ensure your home is secure and keep your garage doors in good working order by following the recommendations above.  At Builders Overhead Door, we are the Kansas City residential garage door experts who want you to enjoy the benefits of your garage while practicing safety.

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