Garage Door Pros on Keeping Your Door Opener in Good Working Order

The last thing you want is to arrive home after a hard day at work to find your garage door opener isn’t working properly – especially if it’s raining or snowing!  Trudging around to the front door with an armload of groceries, work, or a little one isn’t exactly what you had in mind.  As Kansas City residential garage door installation and repair experts, we want to give you a few tips for diagnosing the possible problem, and keeping your door opener in good working order.


We all know that a garage door opener isn’t what you would consider a “necessity” in life, but it sure makes life easier!  When your garage door won’t open or close, won’t close all the way or you push the button but nothing happens, your know there is a problem.  Here are a few tips.


Check the remote batteries.  It could be that the batteries are weak and simply need replacing.


Check the wall unit.  Your opener may be battery operated or wired into your home’s electrical system.  Test the batteries or take a look to make sure that electrical wires are not broken, scorched, or otherwise damaged, whichever applies in your situation.


Check for objects that may be blocking the safety sensors.  Most newer garage door openers have safety sensors which work in pairs.  If the beams become obstructed and one sensor fails to detect the other sensor’s red or green light, the garage door may not open or close, or may stop midway through opening or closing.  Simply look to see if anything is blocking the sensors, and remove it.


Are the springs worn?  As a garage door ages, its components age as well – just like a car or other piece of equipment.  If your garage door is older and you begin having problems with it reversing to open either before it touches the ground or when it hits the floor, you may need to either check the close limit switch or the close force adjustment feature on your opener, depending on which problem you are having.  A slight adjustment could take care of the problem.  Worn out springs frequently cause a garage door to open and close irregularly.


There are several issues you may run into with your garage door opener, particularly as it gets older.  You may hear a humming sound, but your garage door won’t open or close.  The motor run continuously, which could mean the limit switch needs adjusting.


No matter what kind of problem you may encounter with your garage door opener, the best solution is to call a professional to take care of the problem.  At Builders Overhead Doors, we are the Kansas City residential garage door company you can rely on to keep your garage door and opener in good repair, so you can enjoy the convenience and have peace of mind.

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